About us

About Us


Founded by a Surgical Technologist who worked in the medical profession for 14+ years. Scrubs are not just a mere cover up but recognition, as they show commitment and integrity to this profession, and for many healthcare workers scrubs are their identity.

The passion for selling scrubs has lead us to create modern and form fitting scrubs that will not only define you and shape you but can be worn comfortably during social hours.


About the scrubs


LM collection provides a wide selection of fabrics in a professional color pleated; essential to complete your scrub collection while adding some life to your wardrobe. After all, scrubs are your daily wear that displays your personality and style. Let's not forget that our scrubs are offering a four way stretch with an antimicrobial fabric that is suited for any exposure risk while providing individuals with the best possible outcome. 

Giving back 


LM Collection allocates 10% of sales to support individuals or families who have experienced the devastating effects of a traumatic brain injury.